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Obama is Fighting the Smears

The Obama Campaign has added a Fight the Smears component to its web site. Karen Tumulty of Time.com explains why.

…Obama told his top aides it was time for a more aggressive solution to the rumors that have been popping up on the Internet about him and his family for months. And so the Obama campaign has built what might best be described as a Web-based rumor clearinghouse, located at fightthesmears.com, in which it hopes all the shady stories about Obama’s faith, his family and his rumored connections with controversial figures can go to die.


Why a lifelong Republican wants Obama to win

Frank Schaeffer writes why he supports Obama.

This is a great day for those of us who have been fighting for Senator Obama! I’m a good example of why he’ll win in November. I’m the least typical Obama supporter. And there are many more like me.

I cut my political teeth in the seventies through the early eighties as an organizer in the antiabortion religious right. I’m a fifty-five year old white man who has been a conservative most of my life. I’ve been a Republican activist who campaigned for McCain in 2000. I’m a big fan of the military. My son served in the Marines. If Obama can reach me he can reach anyone.

We did it! I’m proud of you!

A beautiful, loving moment.


Powerful: What Obama’s nomination means for some

A reader from Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish

Tomorrow I will go to the African American cemetery outside of Chicago where my great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, and my mother and father are buried. And I will tell them that they were right — that if we studied hard, worked hard, kept the faith, fought for justice, prayed, that this day would come.

And it has.

Barack Obama: Democratic Nominee

Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee

Senator Obama at Wesleyan Commencement Ceremony

Barack Obama pinch hits for Senator Ted Kennedy at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT