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Obama’s Statement on Mississippi Victory

Senator Obama congratulates new congressman, Travis Childers of Mississippi

I want to congratulate Congressman-elect Travis Childers on winning this special election. By electing Travis in this traditionally overwhelmingly Republican district, the people of Mississippi voted to end the politics of division and distraction, and bring about real change. This is the third special election in recent months that Democrats have won in traditionally Republican areas — an unmistakable sign that Americans want to make a clean break from the failed Bush policies of the past – and are not looking for four more years of those failed policies from John McCain. I look forward to working with Travis in the months ahead to fix our economy, and make a difference in the lives of America’s hardworking families.


Reflections on Wright by Bill Moyers


Diversity makes us stronger. Stand together America!

Meet Barack’s mom

Time tells The Story of Barack Obama’s Mother, her depth as well as her growth. She certainly sounds like a rare individual indeed, an interesting woman with a pioneering spirit.

Ann’s most lasting professional legacy was to help build the microfinance program in Indonesia, which she did from 1988 to ’92—before the practice of granting tiny loans to credit-poor entrepreneurs was an established success story. Her anthropological research into how real people worked helped inform the policies set by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia, says Patten, an economist who worked there. “I would say her work had a lot to do with the success of the program,” he says. Today Indonesia’s microfinance program is No. 1 in the world in terms of savers, with 31 million members, according to Microfinance Information eXchange Inc., a microfinance-tracking outfit.

While his mother was helping poor people in Indonesia, Obama was trying to do something similar 7,000 miles (about 11,300 km) away in Chicago, as a community organizer. Ann’s friends say she was delighted by his career move and started every conversation with an update of her children’s lives. “All of us knew where Barack was going to school. All of us knew how brilliant he was,” remembers Ann’s friend Georgia McCauley.

Bronx students discuss Obama’s race speech

Insightful discussion by these students. They’re engaged. Great teachable moment: students wrote their own “Yes, We Can” speeches.

Barack Obama on Hardball: The College Tour

In case you missed it, Barack Obama answered questions from the audience as well as Chris Matthews on Hardball

Clinton’s strategy with the superdelegates

If Clinton really believes this, then why doesn’t she take the high road and campaign against it rather than foment it?