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Senator Obama’s interview with BlogHer

A representative from BlogHer, the community for women who blog, asks Senator Obama 12 questions, ranging from the Iraq War to poverty.



Diversity makes us stronger. Stand together America!

A Vote of Allegiance?

Found in the Washington Post, this article discusses the issues of race and gender as it relates to African American women. Though white feminists are urging African American women to vote gender over race, most African American women say that that admonition is a simplistic premise that does not take into consideration the broader issues race and gender in America.

“I’m not going to stand against him simply because there is a woman on the other side. It means so much more for me if Barack wins than if Hillary wins. I don’t pick Hillary because she is a woman and I am a woman. I don’t pick Barack because he is black and I am black. I pick Barack because he is a man of substance.”

For more insight into the race and gender issues, listen to Race and Gender in Presidential Politcs: A Debate Between Melissa Harris-Lacewell and Gloria Steinhem There is also a video version at Democracy Now