Obama tells the truth about the “gas tax holiday”

Economists agree: the gax tax holiday will NOT work… it’s pointless

A gas tax holiday proposed by U.S. presidential hopefuls John McCain and Hillary Clinton is viewed as a bad idea by many economists and has drawn unexpected support for Clinton rival Barack Obama, who also is opposed.

“Score one for Obama,” wrote Greg Mankiw, a former chairman of President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. “In light of the side effects associated with driving … gasoline taxes should be higher than they are, not lower.”


82-year-old says Obama had better be President

She’s fired up! She is too cute… I saw this at Andrew Sullivan’s blog and had to post it =)

“Don’t hit on Hillary; bring us all back. Let her do that stuff. Leave her alone. You don’t need to do that; you are higher than that. Bring us up higher than that,” Weiss said with 82 years of experience.

Another superdelegate for Obama

Richard Machacek, an Iowa superdelegate, said that he’ll support Obama.

Machacek, a Buchanan County Democrat also on the party’s state central committee, said Obama’s performance at Saturday’s Democratic district conventions in Iowa tipped the balance in his favor.

Obama netted 16 of the 29 national convention delegates at stake in the state’s five congressional districts, while Clinton received nine. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards received four delegates, having retained sufficient support in some districts despite leaving the race in January.

“I think it needs to be over, and in good conscience, I can’t fly in the face of my precinct, county and district,” Machacek told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview. “The raw numbers coming out of the district conventions really sat me down hard.”

Obama picks up Kentucky surperdelegate

U.S. Rep Ben Chandler endorses Obama

U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, heir to a famous Kentucky political name, endorsed fellow Democrat Barack Obama on Tuesday, likening it to his grandfather’s support of John Kennedy a generation ago.

Chandler, who represents a central Kentucky district featuring a mix of farms and small towns as well as Lexington, said he was impressed with Obama’s message of “change and hope” and his “quiet strength.”

“Now is not the time to be timid,” Chandler told a group of Obama supporters in a downtown park. “It is instead a time to be bold, and to support the candidate who has the ability to transform our future.”

Arizona superdelegate announces support for Obama

Charlene Fernandez will cast her vote for Obama. She’s the 241st superdelegate for Senator Obama.

Charlene Fernandez, the newly-elected first vice chairwoman of the Arizona Democratic Party, announced her support tonight for Mr. Obama

“Senator Barack Obama is strengthening the Democratic Party by bringing in new voters, young and old, into the process,” Ms. Fernandez said in a statement released by the Obama campaign. ” I believe Senator Obama has the best ability to win the White House in November and lead this country forward.”

Obama responds to a veteran in Indiana

An Indiana veteran how the VA’s Healthcare System can be improved. Obama’s plan for Veteran Affairs can be found here.

Can Obama handle the rock?

As promised, Senator Barack Obama played 3-on-3 basketball with high school students in Indiana. Blake Hancock, a 17-year old at Marion High School who registered 180 students to vote, won the 3-on-3 Challenge for Change voter registration drive and earned the opportunity to play with the presidential candidate.

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